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Building management and construction maintenance Newsletter - Second Issue


"Building management and construction maintenance" newsletter was published the second issue in May 2018. This is also a special issue of the 60th anniversary of traditional day of the Vietnam’s construction Industry (29/4/1958 - 29/4/2018).

In this issue, the Editorial Board and readers will review the glorious traditions and important milestones on the 60 years road of development and growth together.

"Building management and construction maintenance” Newsletter - Second issue

In the face of risk of fire and explosion in high-rise apartment buildings recently, the special content of this issue with topic “"Fire Prevention and Fighting in High-rise buildings" will give readers comments of experts in the field to improve fire prevention and fighting in high-rise building in the future.

News and specialized researchs related to building management and construction maintenance will continue to be updated in the next issue.

The next issue of "Building management and maintenance of buildings" newsletter is expected to be published in July 2018. The editorial board is looking forward to receiving the support and ideas from enterprises operating in the construction field and the readers through the country.

Contents of the second issue