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“Building management and construction maintenance” Newsletter - Third issue


“Building management and construction maintenance” Newsletter was published the third issue in August, 2018 with the topic “The Apartment Handover Inspections”.

The third issue’s cover

According to the provisions of laws, completed works, work construction items are permitted to put into service only after being inspected to meet the requirements of construction designs, standards, technique codes, building materials management regulations and inspections. Although numerous apartment buildings have not complied completely with the laws, residents are allowed to move in, and a majority of the home buyers have not carefully learned the regulations about purchasing apartments, this leads to the disputes and damages.

Therefore, the special content of this issue will help readers to learn, discuss and analyze to bring a wiser perspective about the role and the importance of this work. With special content, readers will gain information and experiences to purchase apartments, and avoid possible risks and damages in transaction process.

Fire accidents consecutively occurred in many apartment buildings required urgent demand for compliance with construction law, fire safety of the investors, as well as raising the responsibility to manage and supervise by functional agencies and local authorities. Therefore, from this issue forward, editor board will open “Fire safety” section to provide readers practical and useful information in prevention and fighting “fire enemy”.

Contents of the third issue

“Building management and construction maintenance” Newsletter is expected to published the next issue in November, 2018. The editorial board is looking forward to receiving the support and ideas from enterprises operating in the construction field and the readers through the country.