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R&D Constech Viet Nam Joint Stock Company (R&D Constech) is a unit operating in the field of communication, advertising and event organization.

R&D Constech currently operates in four basic areas, including:

Publication of specialized books, newspapers, magazines

Event Organization

Training at home and abroad

Construction consultant  and technology transfer

Mission statement of R&D Constech

With the motto "Do not stop growing, do not stop innovation"; R& D Constech always wants to be a companion to the business in the process of building a brand name.

- For society: respect the law

- For customers: put “Faithfulness” on top

- For staffs, employees in the company: listen to their opinions and share responsibility together.


R& D Constech has always put the human in the heart of the company's growth. It is an important factor in its success.

R& D Constech currently owns a young, dynamic and qualified staffs. The criteria we set for each employee is creativity and professional. Creativity to bring the difference - Profession to bring the trust and satisfaction.

In the building and development process of the company, we always welcome young people who are passionate. Constech is not only a professional, challenging but also friendly and open working environment that offers the opportunity to develop each individual's ability in the most fair way.

We are always proud to be a friend as well as a communicator connecting enterprises with the community.