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Korea suspends construction permits for underground and semi-underground housing

Admin - 16/08/2022

The decision of the Seoul capital government was made a day after a historic heavy rain occurred on August 8-9, leaving at least 16 people dead or missing.

Cement export structure changes

Admin - 21/08/2019

Cement export structure of Vietnam is changing; it is mainly from the export of main clinker to cement.

Chinese steel production is expected to decline sharply in the second half of 2019

Admin - 19/08/2019

Fitch Ratings predicts that China's steel production will fall sharply, due to the housing construction activity "decelerating", production activities are limited due to China's environmental protection measures.

Draft regulations on the management of apartments removed from many points

Admin - 08/08/2019

The Ministry of Construction is drafting a circular on regulations on management and use of new condominiums, replacing current regulations. In this draft, there are many new additions required from practice.