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Bloomberg Economics: Housing market hottest since 2008

Admin - 17/06/2021

Based on the key indicators used in the oveview assessment table of the Bloomberg Economics, housing in New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden is ranked as the most expensive housing markets in the world.

Relocating people from old, dangerous apartments in Hanoi

Admin - 16/06/2021

The Hanoi Department of Construction has just issued a document on repairing, renovating and rebuilding old and dangerous apartments in the city.

Smart technology application: New trends in building management

Admin - 15/06/2021

In recent years, finance, television, electronic devices and even buildings have all adopted new technology to become smarter. With the trend of developing commercial buildings with optimal environmental, social and governance factors, the application of technology in smart commercial project development is more essential than ever.

The project to build the new capital of Indonesia continues to be suspended

Admin - 04/06/2021

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Jakarta, the Indonesian government will not allocate funds to the Ministry of Housing and Public Works (PUPR) to build a new capital (IKN) in 2022, which means that this grand project continues to be suspended more than 2 years after it was announced.