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What is the penalty for using the apartment for improper purposes?

Admin - 20/05/2021

In case the apartment building is not used for the right purpose, the owner will be fined in accordance with the law with the highest fine of up to VND 50 million.

China: The 79-storey building in Shenzhen suddenly shook

Admin - 19/05/2021

The 79-storey SEG Plaza building in Shenzhen (China) suddenly shook for unknown reasons. Thousands of people had to be evacuated to ensure their safety.

The fever of steel in China has cooled down

Admin - 19/05/2021

Steel prices in China have fallen significantly after months of strong increases after the government's efforts to stop the "craze" of steel.

How to calculate land use coefficient not everyone knows

Admin - 17/05/2021

The land use coefficient represents the scale of the work, the construction fee, so it is extremely important in construction.