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Directive No. 29/CT-TTg

Admin - 25/01/2019

Directive No. 29/CT-TTg dated October 9, 2018 of the Prime Minister on strengthening the state management effect on the management, operation and use of apartment buildings

Circular No. 09/2018/TT-BXD

Admin - 24/01/2019

Circular 09/2018/TT-BXD dated November 15, 2018 of the Ministry of Construction promulgating the process of technical safety inspection for drilling machines, pile presses and piling machines used in construction

Circular No. 10/2018/TT-BXD

Admin - 23/01/2019

Circular No. 10/2018/TT-BXD dated December 26, 2018 of the Minister of Construction amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 10/2015/TT-BXD dated December 30, 2015 and Circular No. 28/2016/TT-BXD dated December 15, 2016

Decree No. 100/2018/ND-CP

Admin - 28/11/2018

Decree No. 100/2018/ND-CP dated July 16, 2018 amending and annuling some regulations on necessary business conditions in fields under the management of the Ministry of Construction.