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Maintenance of reinforced concrete structures for super high-rise buildings in Vietnam

Admin - 20/06/2019

In recent years, numerous super high-rise buildings have been built and put into operation in Vietnam. In fact, building maintenance, particularly maintenance of load-bearing structures, is still a newly concept to engineers who are responsible for operating super high-rise buildings. Therefore, it is vitally important to study and propose a procedure for maintaining reinforced concrete load-bearing structures of super high-rise buildings.

Maintenance of construction work in Vietnam - Reality and Solutions (continue)

Admin - 14/06/2019

In our country, the concept of maintenance of construction works does not have the right position as its role. Almost nonexistent in reality "maintenance problems" because we only attach importance to the completion of the handover organization, but when the construction is put into operation, not only does it have no care policy for the construction, it also ignores the exhaustion of these valuable assets.

Maintenance of Construction work in Vietnam - Reality and Solutions

Admin - 10/06/2019

Maintenance of Construction work is a collection of jobs to ensure and maintain the normal and safe of the construction according to the design regulations in the process of exploitation and use.

Experience and some solutions for working building management and construction maintenance in countries

Admin - 05/06/2019

In order to ensure the requirements of the quality and life of the construction as well as safety for people in the process of exploitation and use of construction works; in recent years, the management and maintenance of construction works have been implemented by the owners or manager of using construction works.