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Publication “Building management and construction maintenance” - No.5


Publication “Building management and construction maintenance” issue No.5 (May 2019) with topic “Building and ensuring the living environment for residents”.

The fifth issue’s cover

The pace of urban life is growing, leading to increase in the demand for people's quality of life. In particular, for successful young people, they always tend to choose houses that are not only a place to live but also a loving home for the whole family to experience the most peaceful, comfortable and safe life.

However, it is not easy to find an ideal living environment when there are still a lot of shortcomings in apartment buildings that make risident to  worry about the quality of life: the management and maintenance of the building is not satisfied, the density of construction is thick but lack of natural elements (green tree system and utilities), ... Therefore, in addition to the criteria of real estate projects such as price, acreage, construction unit, investor, ... the living environment, green landscaping at apartment buildings is now one of the indispensable important criteria for buyers before deciding to stick long term. This poses a big challenge to the investor as well as the Condo board of apartment buildings. How to bring residents a green and safe living space with full facilities is still a problem that has not been having a complete answer.

The special content of this issue with topic "Building and ensuring the living environment for residents" will introduce the research articles, useful analysis and evaluation for readers to have a more comprehensive and insightful look at this issue.

It’s an honor to introduce to readers!

Contents of the fifth issue