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VBMA & Aeon Delight work towards improving building management


Building operations and maintenance often neglected in Vietnam, according to Aeon Delight (Vietnam) General Director, as two plan to address the issue.

The Vietnam Building Management and Maintenance Association (VBMA) and Aeon Delight (Vietnam), part of Japan’s Aeon Group, met on August 17 to identify solutions and cooperative efforts on improving building management in Vietnam.

As the number of high-rise buildings, especially condominiums, increases significantly in Vietnam’s cities, disputes, especially over fees and charges between residents and developers or building operators, are becoming more and more complex. Regulations on building management and maintenance in the country still lack uniformity, providing no real solutions when disputes occur.  

“The VBMA is now focusing on improving the quality of human resources in building management and maintenance by strengthening training and certifying those involved in the sector,” said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Deputy Chairman of VBMA. “The association has also proposed that Vietnamese policy makers create a comprehensive law on building management and maintenance as soon as possible.”

It seems that many investors focus on the budget for construction but not the budget for building operations and maintenance, according to Mr. Takayuki Isogai, General Director of Aeon Delight (Vietnam).

Vietnam’s building management is quite similar to Japan’s 40 years ago. “Nowadays, in Japan, building management has been updated and called facilities management,” Mr. Isogai added. “In facilities management, identifying potential problems and conducting regularly planned maintenance are important for maintaining optimal conditions in a facility.”

The two sides also expect to have further cooperation in resolving the challenges in building management and cooperating in the training of human resources for the sector, expanding the facilities management concept, and contributing to improving the legal conditions for building management in the country.